5 Ways to Achieve Foot Comfort

20 Jul 5 Ways to Achieve Foot Comfort

How to Treat Working Feet

If you spend long hours on your feet, it’s important to treat them right. If you’re working retail, employed in a restaurant, work for the postal service or do other jobs that require you to stand or walk for hours, follow these pointers to tip-top toes.  Here are 5 ways to achieve foot comfort.

  1. The Shoes Make the Man–or the Woman

Proper footwear is number one on this list for a reason. Supportive, properly fitting shoes are the main way to keep hardworking feet in good shape. Your shoes should have good arch support, be breathable and provide plenty of cushioning.

Take a look at some of the companies that cater to restaurant workers, retail workers and nurses, like Shoes for Crews and Crocs. Or take a tip from European shoe makers, who are famous for creating stylish shoes that you can walk in for hours.

If you’re in a factory or warehouse environment you’ll need shoes with closed toes and heels. If you work in construction you will probably need boots with a steel toe.

Whatever shoe you choose, remember that it should feel great the minute you put it on. The idea that you have to “break in” a shoe is a myth, and a dangerous one. If it’s not comfortable right out of the box, it won’t get any better as the day goes on and your foot starts swelling.

  1. Socks it to Me

People who work on their feet may agree on shoe types, but mention socks and you might start a foot fight. It boils down to this question: do you prefer soft, thick, cotton-blend ones that wrap your feet, or lightweight, silky poly blends that feel weightless and smooth?

Try both types and see which ones you feel better in, depending on your shoes, your feet and the weather. Keep in mind that if you opt for thicker socks you may have to go up half a shoe size.

  1. Touch Your Toes

Long hours on your feet can mess up your blood circulation. Regular massages will make you feel great and keep the circulation in your feet and legs humming along.

Make deep, gentle stretching part of your foot care routine and your toes will thank you. This will also increase your flexibility, and that can keep you from getting hurt.

Swelling is part of life when you work on your feet. To keep it down, raise your feet as high as you comfortably can when you’re relaxing. Try propping them up on pillows while you sleep. Don’t be surprised if you feel a slight tingle from the blood rushing downward.

  1. Soaking Splendor

Soaking your feet is a great way to pamper them. You can use plain soap and water or add products specifically made for foot comfort. Traditional additives include Epsom salts, colloidal oatmeal and various essential oils.

A daily ice bath will keep the swelling down and bring immediate, lasting relief to your barking dogs. The best technique is to dunk them in a bucket of ice and water. Keep them in for 20 minutes if you can.

  1. Check Them Out

Regular visits to a foot care professional can stop foot problems before they trip you up. A podiatrist can

  • prescribe custom orthotics for your work shoes
  • detect early signs of problems like tendinitis or fallen arches
  • instruct you on massage techniques
  • suggest topical or oral supplements for pain
  • remove built-up calluses safely

At Shuman Podiatry we treat feet that work in all fields, and feet that just like to walk in a lot of fields. We know you depend on your feet, and you can depend on us to keep them happy and healthy. Call us today and we’ll make sure you always keep your best foot forward at work or play.


About: Dr Shuman provides podiatry services in Sterling, Ashburn, Lansdowne and Leesburg Va.  Shuman Podiatry offers: custom orthotics, diabetic foot care, heel pain and spurs, wart removal and more.  Contact Dr Shuman today for all your foot care needs.

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