Best Method for Dealing with Rough Heel Skin

18 Aug Best Method for Dealing with Rough Heel Skin

Natural Cures for Rough, Dry Heels

Soft, smooth feet may look nice in sandals, but having smooth heels isn’t just a cosmetic issue. Your daily life can take a toll on your feet. Friction, tight shoes, dry indoor air, walking, and running can dry your skin and leave it rough. In some cases, those cracks can be deep and painful enough to prevent you from walking.

Fortunately, you can heal your cracked feet with some simple, natural remedies.

Use a Pumice Stone

Soaking your feet in warm water is a classic, time-honored remedy for many foot conditions. It makes hardworking feet feel relaxed, reduces pain, and softens rough heels.

• To get the most from your foot soak, add Epsom salts to the water.
• Once you have soaked for about 10 minutes, use a pumice stone to remove rough, cracked patches of skin.
• Pats feet dry.
• Apply moisturizer generously, and put on socks. They’ll help the moisturizer soak in and keep your feet from getting slippery.

Take Your Feet to the Beach

The beach is the perfect destination for rough, cracked heels. Sand and salt are natural exfoliants. Walking barefoot on the sand is a natural spa treatment that your feet will appreciate.

Try a Heavy Moisturizer

Cracked, rough heels require heavy-duty moisturizers. The best ones are made with natural ingredients that help remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh, new skin. Look for alpha hydroxy acids, which are natural, fruit-derived acids known for their skin-healing properties, or salicylic acid, which is a natural exfoliant.

Use moisturizers in the morning, at night, and any time during the day that your heels feel dry.

Add Essential Oils to Your Foot Regimen

Certain essential oils have proven benefits as skin soothers. To help soften and rejuvenate, try these oils:

• Chamomile
• Sandalwood
• Rose
• Geranium

These plants are known to soften and revitalize skin. At the same time, they are gentle enough to keep from irritating sensitive skin.

How should you use essential oils? Here are two suggestions.

In your bath: Add a few drops to your foot soaking bath. The aromatherapy will lift your spirits while the oils help your skin heal.
With a carrier oil: Mix two or three drops of essential oil with a carrier oil like jojoba, sweet almond, or olive. Use this mixture as a foot moisturizer.

What Causes Cracked Heels?

The most common causes of rough, dry heels are:

• Standing on your feet for work
• Taking frequent hot showers
• Using harsh soaps that dry your skin
• Wearing tight shoes
• Low-humidity environments

To avoid getting dry skin on your feet, practice regular foot care. Wear shoes that fit properly and support your feet. Use moisturizers regularly, and avoid using soaps that have harsh, drying ingredients.

Get Smoother Feet Naturally

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