Discover the Benefits of Thermoplastic Orthotics

15 Nov Discover the Benefits of Thermoplastic Orthotics

About Thermoplastic Orthotics

Thermoplastic technology has led to dramatic improvements in foot and leg braces. Thermoplastic braces are pliable, strong, and adaptable to many uses. They go beyond standard braces and orthotics to deliver measurable improvements in common foot and leg conditions.

At Shuman Podiatry & Sports Medicine, we have partnered with Arizona AFO, a company that specializes in AFO (ankle and foot orthosis) braces. In this post, we highlight some of the high-quality products our patients can use.

Benefits of Thermoplastic Braces

  • Fully customizable: Thermoplastic devices mold quickly to form a perfect fit.
  • Comfortable and lightweight: Unlike older prosthetics and braces, these devices are lightweight and designed for easy movement.
  • Durable: The material is strong enough to offer ongoing support for extended periods.

Optima Brace

This brace is designed to support the ankle and tibia during healing from tendon dysfunction or ankle instability. It features an ankle axis hinge to allow full movement of the ankle while a firm, adjustable brace stabilizes the leg and tendons. This brace has removable pads and a deep heel cup to fully support the foot. It can be worn with your shoes.

Split Upright

This specialty brace provides support and healing for severe pronation, sinus tarsi syndrome, ankle instability, trauma, and tendon dysfunction. This brace supplies maximum support in a three-way adjustable design that supports the calf and the foot.


A slender, fitted brace offers support to foot and ankle joints. The footplate can be customized to support different parts of the foot. This brace can support patients suffering from severe degenerative arthritis, joint instability, foot drop, and trauma.


This firm, articulated brace is ideal for patients with extreme pronation and abnormal gait. It reduces abduction and adduction of the foot while firmly stabilizing the ankle. It supports recovery from the symptoms of degenerative arthritis, foot drop, trauma, and mild tendon dysfunction.

Crow Walker

Charcot’s foot is a degenerative condition that wastes the bone and soft tissues of the foot or ankle. The Crow Walker is a weight-relieving, full-cover cast that promotes healing from Charcot’s foot. This brace replaces the shoe with a shell that includes a rocker bottom for easy, flexible walking. It has a Velcro closure and optional padding.

Supra Malleolar Orthosis

If custom orthotics have failed to provide enough food and ankle support, this lightweight, low-profile brace is the next step. It can be used for patients with arthritis, Charcot foot, chronic ankle sprains, instability, and loss of muscle tone. It is easy to wear and has two Velcro closures.

Get the Latest Treatments

At Shuman Podiatry & Sports Medicine, we offer our patients the most innovative treatments for all foot, lower leg, and ankle conditions. Thermoplastic braces can help you recover from many painful, debilitating foot conditions. Contact us to learn more.

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