Five common questions about Custom Orthotics

30 Sep Five common questions about Custom Orthotics

Top 5 Questions About Custom Orthotics

If you’ve been diagnosed with a foot deformity or a foot-related injury, your doctor may prescribe custom orthotics as part of your treatment. Custom orthotics offer protection, help realign your foot, improve gait, and promote healing from tendon and ligament injuries.

Podiatrists use digital or physical molds of your feet to make orthotics. The orthotics bend to each curve and fold of your foot for a perfect fit. Here are the top five questions about orthotics we get at our Loudoun County clinic.

1. Can You Use the Same Orthotics in All Your Shoes?

Yes, if they fit all your shoes. Custom orthotics fit your feet rather than your shoes. You can swap your insoles when you change your footwear. In fact, it’s a good idea because you should wear your insoles as often as possible.

Don’t cut or bend your insoles to make them fit any shoes. Doing so will destroy their shape and make them less effective. If you need a second pair for a particular pair of shoes, talk to your podiatrist.

2. Are Orthotics for Sports Different From Regular Orthotics?

Yes, they are. Most orthotics for regular wear can add comfort and support, but sports orthotics target specific, sports-related needs. Sports orthotics reduce the shock of impact, increase propulsion, and correct misalignments that lead to injury. Most sports injuries are caused by impact, trauma, and misalignment. A sports-specific custom orthotic corrects the foot’s position and supplies extra cushioning against impact.

3. How Long Do Custom Orthotics Last?

Your orthotics will last two to three years. It’s important to replace worn-out orthotics.

Some people may get five years out of their orthotics, while others wear them out after one year. Their lifespan depends on several factors, including:

• Your weight
• Your activity levels
• How often do you wear them
• Major medical events
• Quality of materials used

4. Are Custom Orthotics Comfortable?

Today’s custom orthotics are made from advanced materials. Although they’re supportive and cushioning, they are also lightweight. Many orthotics are soft and flexible. In most cases, you won’t even feel them in your shoes.

5. Do You Need to Wear Orthotics Once You Are Healed?

Many podiatrists prescribe custom orthotics as part of the rehabilitation plan for injuries like:

• Achilles tendonitis
Plantar fasciitis
• Sprained ankle
• Broken foot
Fallen arches
• Bursitis
• Knee injuries

Orthotics help heal from these and other injuries. You might think this means you can stop wearing them once the injury feels better. Orthotics are not a permanent solution, however. You should plan to wear them for an extended period. If you have a congenital deformity or recurrent injuries in the same area, consider wearing them indefinitely.

Get Great-Fitting Orthotics

At Shuman Podiatry & Sports Medicine, we use 3D fitting for custom orthotics that fit your feet perfectly. When you need custom orthotics for any reason, we can help with innovative, comfortable orthotics designed just for you.

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