Foot Care and COVID Precautions

19 Aug Foot Care and COVID Precautions

Best Practices and Precautions

Please don’t worry when at first, I might not recognize you. Once I see your feet, we are on friendly ground.

When I welcome you to our office, we are all wearing masks making facial recognition more difficult. During this Covid-19 era, maybe you’ve put on or taken off weight. Maybe you grew a beard, grown longer hair, or changed hair color or glasses. These are all clues to your identity, but when I examine your feet, I’ll know you.

We all have changed during the quarantine period…and so have your feet. I feel them, see them, and understand them.

Working Safely to Keep All Safe

During COVID times, our practice is open. We have implemented the following practices to maintain a healthy and clean environment:

  • All patients and staff MUST wear masks.
  • 30 minutes gaps between patients so you will not see anyone else in the waiting room.
  • All chairs and surfaces in the patient rooms and waiting rooms are being cleaned between patients.
  • Please wash your hands in our bathroom before signing in. We wash ours after every patient.
  • We have hired an extra cleaning person in the building who is disinfecting the elevator, door handles, water fountain, and bathroom.
  • At the end of the day, my hands smell like Clorox and other cleaning products!

I see thousands of feet a year. I started practicing in Northern Virginia back in 2004. Over the years, my practice has grown. We are continuing to grow during these COVID times and look forward to seeing you and your feet again.

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