Heels for Holidays

08 Dec Heels for Holidays

Well-Heeled for the Holidays

It’s no secret that high-heeled shoes are beautiful but deadly. Even so, you may long for the days when you could wear them without hobbling around in pain, especially during the holiday season when you want to dress to impress.

High Heel Foot Care

No podiatrist is going to tell you that it’s perfectly okay to wear heels every day. But at Shuman Podiatry we can help you lessen the pain and prevent injuries when you do choose to wear them. In this post we’ll take a look at three options: over-the-counter inserts for heels, over-the-counter orthotics for heels, and custom orthotics.

Inserts for Heels

  • Can cushion feet to lessen pain
  • Inexpensive and easily available
  • Will not correct functional problems

Orthotics for Heels

  • Give more arch support than inserts
  • Can help distribute weight from the balls of the feet
  • Expensive and not covered by insurance

Custom Orthotics

  • Correct gait and functional problems that cause pain
  • Specifically designed for your foot problem and your shoes
  • Cushion your feet against pain
  • Give you customized arch support
  • Provide stability to the foot and ankle


Why Do Heels Hurt?

High heels do several things at once. They crush your toes, force your weight down onto the ball of your foot, throw your gait off and stretch your calf muscles to the extreme. And they do it all while providing little support.

Total Heels: the Worst Offenders

Stilettos: These do a lot of damage to your foot and the higher the heel, the worse they are.

Platforms and Wedges: These are better than stilettos because they add height in front and back, but ankle stability can be a problem.

Over-the-Knee Boots: In addition to the problems caused by heels, adding a tight covering to your legs can cause nerve damage to your legs and knees.

Pointy Toes: The constant squeezing of your toes can lead to bunions, hammertoes and bruising.

Halt the Hurt

At Shuman Podiatry, we specialize in orthotics for all kinds of foot problems. If you want to wear your heels without all the hurt, call us for a consultation.

  • We begin with a mold of your foot using 3-D imaging for the most accurate measurements.
  • Your orthotic will be slim enough to fit in your most fashionable shoes.
  • We have you try them on to ensure perfect fit and comfort.


Does Insurance Cover Orthotics?

In most cases, yes, especially if they are prescribed to treat a specific foot condition. Some insurance companies have use-it-or-lose-it coverage so the sooner you find out, the better. We can help you determine if orthotics are covered under your plan.

High Heel Foot Care at Home

  • Use stretching exercises like those that runners use before you put heels on.
  • Try to wear heels that are only two inches high.
  • After you take them off, stretch your feet and calves thoroughly before putting on low heels; otherwise, the sudden change can aggravate the strain to your Achilles tendon.


Call and Schedule a Consultation

Never let foot pain keep you from looking and feeling your best. If you love wearing heels but hate the agony of the feet, call Shuman Podiatry today. With the right orthotics you’ll be dancing until dawn.


About: Dr Shuman provides podiatry services in Potomac Falls, Sterling, Ashburn, Lansdowne and Leesburg Va.  Shuman Podiatry offers: custom orthotics, diabetic foot care, heel pain and spurs, wart removal and more.  Contact Dr Shuman today for all your foot care needs.

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