Impact of Wearing Cheap Shoes

04 Oct Impact of Wearing Cheap Shoes

5 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Shoes

They’re everywhere, tempting you with their stylish looks and low price tags. It can be hard to resist the lure of cheap shoes, but there are real dangers to wearing them.

1. They Won’t Stay Comfortable

A cheap shoe might feel comfortable at first, especially if it’s made of a light, soft material. After a while, the thin soles and thin fabric will start to make you feel like you’re walking barefoot. That’s not a good thing if you’re walking outside, on the streets or on a rocky pathway, especially in wet weather. That light fabric and construction will start to let all the elements in and you’ll be left with cold, wet feet.

2. They Fall Apart

If you look at the construction of a cheap shoe, you’ll see that it looks flimsy. The stitching is loose, the uppers are hard and the sole is often thin and slippery.

These shoes won’t last through daily use or walking on wet or uneven surfaces. Many of them aren’t waterproof and they will start to disintegrate as soon as they’ve been through some wetness. If you’re wearing them for work, you’ll find that the stitching comes loose, leaving your feet dangerously exposed.

3. You Need More Support

Most shoes don’t have enough arch support, and the problem is more pronounced with cheap ones. Over time, loss of arch support will lead to straining of your ligaments, which is a chief cause of Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and other serious foot and leg problems.

If you work on your feet, you’re over 40 or you had flat feet as a child, you definitely need more arch support that is offered in the average shoe. Talk to a podiatrist about custom orthotics that will give you the lift you need.

4. They Let You Down

According to podiatrists and others who specialize in foot health, the most important part of the shoe is the shank. This is the layer between the sole and the inner footpad that are usually made of metal and provides most of the shoe’s support.

Most good-quality men’s shoes are designed with a wide, steel shank that gives excellent support to the feet. Most women’s shoes, especially high heels, and those cute, strappy sandals, have flimsy, barely-there shanks. In cheap shoes, the shank might be plastic instead of metal and may not be there at all.

5. They Slow You Down

Wearing cheap shoes for any type of athletic activity is just asking for trouble. Sure, you can get away with wearing inexpensive sneakers for your strolls around the block, but after a while, that will take its toll on your feet and legs.

If you’re taking part in intense sports or exercise, you need shoes that will go the distance with you. Even then, you should ask a podiatrist about custom orthotics that will add the right support, cushioning and protection you need to prevent injuries.

What to Do if You Have Cheap Shoes

1. Add Custom Orthotics

If you already own some cheap shoes that you like wearing, custom orthotics will help make them more supportive and more protective.

Your podiatrist can craft an orthotic that takes into account your lifestyle, your foot health and the type of shoes you like to wear. But remember that custom orthotics work best with shoes that are well-fitting, supportive and comfortable.

2. Limit Your Use

If you buy cheap shoes to match an outfit for a special event, like a wedding or a Halloween costume, it’s still a good idea to use some kind of orthotic insert to protect your feet.

Limit flip-flops and light sandals to use around the pool or beach. Don’t wear flip-flops or similar shoes on city streets, while driving or while using public transportation.

3. Look for Better-Made Versions

If you can’t bear the thought of giving up high heels for your holiday parties, or bare sandals for your winter cruise, you can compromise by buying better-made versions of them. Some shoe manufacturers now make high heels, sandals, and flip-flops that contain arch supports, strong shanks, thick rubber soles, and other features. Ask your foot care specialist about what to look for when you buy new shoes.

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