Orthotics for Spin Class?

16 Mar Orthotics for Spin Class?

Orthotics for Spinners

If you’ve been in any Loudoun County gym in the past decade, you’ve seen lively spin classes everywhere. Maybe you’ve taken part in this fast-paced, enjoyable and super-effective form of exercise. Spinning is great for you, but it can also lead to foot problems if you’re not careful. Avoid foot problems by asking Dr. Shuman about custom orthotics that will keep you spinning along in comfort.

Choose Your Shoes

The shoes you wear for spinning should have:

  • a slight rise in the heel;
  • ample cushioning, especially in the front of the foot;
  • a firm sole;
  • extra arch support.

Whatever type of shoe you use, ask Shuman Podiatry to create an orthotic for you that will give you the proper arch support and prevent foot pain.

Overuse Injuries from Spinning – Part 1

For those avid spinners out there that suffer from non-traumatic injuries might consider the following symptoms of over-use.

Shin Splints: ┬áThat flaming rush of pain along your shins is a sign that it’s time to slow your spinning and visit a podiatrist. Many people ignore shin splints, thinking that they’re minor. In reality, they’re an early warning sign of further trouble down the road, including stress fractures and other serious conditions. A podiatrist can prescribe orthotics that will ease your pain and stop those problems from developing.

Achilles Tendonitis: Improper pedaling technique, poorly-fitting exercise shoes and overuse can lead to this painful condition. If you experience sharp pain where the tendon meets the heel, or a feverish sensation in your heel area, you might have tendonitis. Dr. Shuman can prescribe custom orthotics that will relieve your pain and allow the tendon to heal.

Plantar Fasciitis: The most common cause of heel pain, plantar fasciitis is more prevalent in older and overweight people, but athletes can be affected if they use worn-out shoes with little support or if they have tight Achilles tendons. If you’re experiencing pain in your heel and the bottom of your foot, consult Shuman Podiatry for orthotics that will bring your overstretched tendons into balance. Early intervention will let you walk without pain.

Overuse Injuries from Spinning – Part 2

Foot pain can sideline even the most physically fit in Loudoun County.  Here are two additional culprits of chronic or sudden foot pain.

Sesamoiditis: This is an inflammation of two small bones under the metatarsals, known as the sesamoids. When they weaken or rupture, they can cause weakness and pain in the ball of your foot. Sesamoiditis is common in avid cyclists and spinners. If you experience pain in the ball of your foot, you should consult a podiatrist to make sure it’s not a sesamoid fracture. Sesamoiditis can be relieved by wearing supportive shoes and special orthotics.

Morton’s Neuroma: Although mostly associated with the use of high heels and pointed toes, Morton’s neuroma frequently affects avid spinners and cyclists. You’ll know you have it if one of your toes frequently feels numb or “frozen,” and it’s become difficult to wear hard shoes. Morton’s neuroma is not curable, but gentle stretching and the use of custom orthotics will relieve your pain.

Spin Away and Be Safe

Spinning is a fun way to socialize and get and stay fit. But it’s no fun to sit on the sidelines because of a foot injury.

If you’re feeling any kind of pain in your foot, heel or legs, call Shuman Podiatry today. We’ll find out what’s causing your pain and recommend the best treatment options. We’ll also make custom orthotics molded to the exact shape and size of your foot, so you’ll get a perfect fit that will keep your feet feeling great no matter how often you spin.

Get a new spin on life with the right orthotics and the help from one of Loudoun County’s best podiatric and sports medicine practice.

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