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06 Feb Sports Medicine Podiatrist

Put a Podiatrist on Your Team

According to experts in podiatric sports medicine, 70 percent of athletic injuries occur in the lower extremities. That’s the feet and ankles. The same studies find that the overwhelming number of these injuries are caused by overuse, rather than a single blow, fall or accident.

What does this mean for you as a sports director, coach or enthusiast? A focus on prevention is key, and it starts with the feet.

Get Expert Help from a Foot Care Specialist

Shoes. Always choose the shoes that are right for the sport you’re playing. Proper fit is crucial for injury prevention and athletic performance. A podiatrist can examine your sports shoes to determine if they fit correctly and give you the support you need.

Bracing. Bracing has been proven to prevent injuries in basketball players before they even hit the court. Bracing helps give extra support to the ankles and knees of basketball players, who are prone to a high number of overuse injuries from frequent turning, twisting and jumping on hard surfaces.

Orthotics. Professional football and soccer players wear custom orthotics both on and off the field. While they’re playing, these orthotics offer arch support and padding that cleats usually lack. When the players are off duty, custom orthotics give their feet continued support.

Rehabilitation. When it comes to sports-related injuries, rest and rehabilitation are crucial. A podiatrist can prescribe the right stretches, exercises and other parts of a good rehabilitation routine.

Common Athletic Injuries

The list of sports-related injuries to the feet and ankles is long. They include turf toe, Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains, ACL injuries and foot fractures.

Most of these can be successfully treated with immediate intervention by a podiatrist that specializes in sports medicine. With the right treatment, rest and rehabilitation, most athletes will enjoy a full recovery from these common injuries.

Less serious conditions that afflict athletes are ingrown toenails, athlete’s foot fungus, fungal nail and other problems. The sooner you get to a podiatrist, the quicker you can free your feet from these painful, irritating conditions.

Pick the Right Shoes

Shoes are the foundation of an athlete’s performance. The right ones will provide the right mix of support, balance, and flexibility. Here are some basic pointers on making sure your shoes don’t let you down.

Running shoes. Experts recommend that runners change their shoes after 500 to 600 miles of use. Most professional and team performers can hit that mark after only a few months.

Soccer Cleats. Choosing the right soccer cleat will depend on the type of surface where your team plays most often. If you aren’t sure which type to purchase, or you play on different types of turf, select firm ground cleats, which can work on a number of different surfaces.

Basketball shoes. Frequent replacement is important for basketball sneakers, which take a lot of abuse. Check the shoes regularly to make sure they’re still providing the support players need.

How Can a Podiatrist Help Your Team?

A podiatrist who specializes in sports medicine, like Dr. Shuman, can help your sports team with a range of preventive measures. These will help you and your team focus on ways to improve your performance while protecting your feet and ankles.

  • Gait analysis. Discover how the way you walk, jump and run can affect your ligaments, and get advice on what type of support your shoes need.
  • Custom orthotics. Dr. Shuman can prescribe custom orthotics designed for your individual foot and with the needs of your sport in mind. 3D imaging guarantees a perfect fit.
  • Injury treatment. Dr. Shuman’s clinic has the most up-to-date diagnostic techniques and treatment methods for every sports injury.
  • Rehabilitation. Proven routines work to strengthen muscles and ligaments, leading to a full range of motion in most cases.

Expert Help for Sports Injuries

When you’re putting your team together, make room on the bench for an experienced, knowledgeable podiatrist. At Shuman Podiatry & Sports Medicine, we specialize in preventing and treating injuries so that you can play your best.  Contact our office to learn more about our team footcare program options.

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