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02 Jan Summer Foot Care NOW

Summer-Ready Feet? Start Now

As you sit shivering in your frost-covered car, you might start to think longingly of warm breezes and lazy days on the beach. But a hard winter was probably tough on your feet, and you may not be too quick to flaunt those flip-flops if your lack of good toenail care has left you with an ingrown nail or ugly toenail fungus.

Luckily you still have the rest of the Winter to get those tootsies in shape. You can start turning things around now and have barefoot-ready feet in time for Summer. At Shuman Podiatry we can help with targeted treatments that will get your feet happy, healthy and ready for fun in the sun.

What Causes Ingrown Nail?

  • Shoes that are too tight, especially in the toes.
  • Leaving wet shoes and socks on.
  • Trauma to the nail or nail bed.
  • Cutting toenails at a slant instead of straight across.


How to Fix Ingrown Nail

  • For mild cases, a warm water soak, followed by a topical antibiotic, can help.
  • The risk of infection is the most serious complication.
  • Dr. Shuman can prescribe the proper treatment ranging from an antibiotic soak to surgery on the affected nail.


Toenail Fungus

  • Usually affects the big toenail but can also spread to fingernails.
  • Caused by a virus that thrives in warm, humid environments.
  • Can cause permanent damage to your nails and infect other parts of your skin.
  • In diabetics it can lead to a serious condition called cellulitis.
  • Even without complications, it’s unsightly, painful and embarrassing.



  • Nail fungus is hard to get rid, as you probably know if you’ve tried any at-home remedies.
  • Dr. Shuman can prescribe a medicated cream or polish that you will need to apply daily for several months to a year.
  • In severe cases, surgery to remove the toe may be necessary.
  • Laser therapy may also be available.
  • Your podiatrist might prescribe oral medications, alone or in conjunction with other treatments.


Can You Regrow Toenail?

  • The good news: Yes, a toenail lost to fungus, surgery or trauma will grow back.
  • The bad news: It could take five months to a year for full regrowth.
  • The takeaway? Get started now and nobody will know that you lost a toe!


Toenail Care

  • Change your socks daily and don’t sleep in them so your feet can breathe.
  • If you have an infection, don’t share your toenail clippers, pedicure items or anything else you use on your feet.
  • Massage your feet daily and take this time to examine your feet and toes for anything irregular.
  • Exercise will boost blood circulation to your feet, making them better able to fight off infections.
  • Wear well-fitted shoes that give you room in the toe box and good arch support.
  • Regular podiatric appointments will keep small problems from becoming major.
  • Ask Dr. Shuman about custom orthotics to improve your walk, ensure you’re getting the right support, and avoid injuries.


Ready, or Not?

Summer is on its way and at Shuman Podiatry and Sports Medicine, we want to make sure you enjoy every minute of it in your sandals, flip-flops and bare feet. There’s no need to hide those troublesome toenails when we have all the help you need.

We offer the latest treatment techniques and the most advanced diagnostics, in a warm and friendly setting. Call us for an appointment and learn why we are fast becoming Loudoun County’s favorite podiatry practice.


About: Dr Shuman provides podiatry services in Potomac Falls, Sterling, Ashburn, Lansdowne and Leesburg Va.  Shuman Podiatry offers: custom orthotics, diabetic foot care, heel pain and spurs, wart removal and more.  Contact Dr Shuman today for all your foot care needs.

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