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23 Jun Top 5 Things to Know About Children’s Feet

About Children's Feet Children's feet are fascinating and complex, playing a crucial role in their overall development and mobility. At Shuman Podiatry & Sports Medicine in Sterling, VA, we understand the importance of proper foot care for children. Here are the top 5 things parents should...

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17 Feb Toe Nail Clipping Best Practices

A Second Thought on Toe Nail Clipping Proper toenail clipping is essential for maintaining healthy feet and preventing issues like ingrown nails and infections. Whether you're doing it at home or seeking professional assistance, following the best practices ensures optimal foot health. Shuman Podiatry & Sports...

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05 Aug You’ve Broken your Toe – now what?

Broken Toes: Five Facts You May Not Know There are about 200,00 broken toes reported every year. This is a common, painful injury that responds well to immediate medical treatment. Here are five facts about broken toes that may surprise you. 1. You Can Tell If It’s...

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