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July 26, 2020

Dear Dr. Shuman,

I just posted this review on Yelp:

“Dr. Shuman is outstanding. Aline among podiatrists who have treated me in the past, she took time in our first meeting to ask questions, thoughtfully consider my answer (instead of interrupting me), manipulate my foot while probing for pain and watch me walk down the hall (instead of assuming that by then she knew all she needed to know), then offer her diagnosis and several possible solutions. The solutions were simple, less expensive, and more available than ordering orthotics, and are working very well so far. Yesterday, I walked 2 miles without even thinking about my formerly aching foot! Dr. Shuman’s office is an hour from my home, and I’ll gladly drive an hour each way in order to continue to work with her.”

Not only are the solutions (arch pad, toe spreaders, Volteran) working well, but they have the advantage of being quickly adaptable when my foot changes. I’m a teacher, and just as I know that students learn more from teachers who ask questions and listen to answers, I know that patients, certainly this one, heal better when the physician is genuinely curious, ask questions and learns from patients’ answers. In a better world, you’d be rebooting many physicians to ask better questions and listen!

Thank you.

Gillie C.


“Just a little note to say my visit to your office was a most pleasant one. The reception and the personal visit with you, I will always remember and I walked away satisfied.

Thank you.”

Delois H.


“After our former podiatrist retired, we had to find someone else. We asked around, and did some checking on the internet; Dr. Shuman was close by and seemed well regarded. My wife and I couldn’t agree more. We have been seeing her for years since she first established her practice at her current location, and we have recommended her several times.

Highly recommended.”

Ron T.


As Dr. Shuman’s patient, I am very pleased to recommend her to new patients. Dr. Shuman is highly professional, courteous, knowledgeable and caring. She made ample time to listen and worked with me to find solutions to my podiatry needs. All I know is that when I came into the office my feet hurt and when I left the pain had disappeared.

That is priceless.”

Robin W.


Dr. Shuman, Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your outstanding foot care. Additionally, your splendid personality and empathy is greatly admired. You are an exceptional medical provider.

Mark D.


Dr. Shuman was prompt, courteous, and down to earth. She explained options succinctly and clearly and ensured my questions were answered. Her office staff is efficient and friendly. Should I need additional podiatry services, I will return.

Melissa R.


Dr. Shuman was great! Very prompt, knowledgeable, and thorough.

Sharon C.


Dr. Shuman is very nice, caring, and interested in her patient’s suggestions and observations. She is working hard to solve an elusive problem with one of my feet. Her office clean and inviting. There is only one problem. The office manager was very concerned with payment although I have never failed to pay. First, she presented me with a document asking my social security number and credit card number in case I failed to pay if my insurance did not pay. I ordered an orthotic and, although I paid half as requested when ordering, the office manager wanted to withhold my receipt of this sorely needed support until my insurance paid. I offered to pay the other half ahead of time. She discouraged that because she did not want to go to the trouble of reimbursing the amount the insurance paid. Every appointment is a financial negotiation. I would highly recommend Dr. Shuman as long as you call first and identify your insurance and that insurance passes the office manager’s opinion on a “good” insurance.

Theresa F.


Dr. Shuman has been very helpful with several foot problems I’ve had. She’s expert at treating foot problems. She takes the time to explain what the problem is and how she’ll fix it. She’s very personable and caring too.

Nancy K.


Dr. Shuman is so friendly and personable and my visits are always quick and easy. I appreciate her hours and that I can see her same-day if needed. Yelena, her receptionist, is an absolute delight to work with and, in the past, has been quick to follow up with an emailed receipt. The practice is an absolute delight!

Jennifer K.


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