The Right Sock for the Job

06 Jan The Right Sock for the Job

About Socks for Your Feet

Your shoes are the stars of good foot health, but your socks play a major supporting role. Choosing the right socks for the right activity will keep your feet healthy and comfortable. Here’s a guide to the best socks for all activities.

Most Common Sock Fabrics

• Merino wool: Lightweight, mildew-resistant and durable, this is one of the best sock fabrics you can buy.
• Acrylic: An inexpensive choice if your budget can’t stretch to wool socks. Performance-blend acrylics are breathable, moisture-wicking and excellent for sports.
• Polyester: This fabric conforms to feet and feels smooth. It’s a good choice for daily wear.
• Cotton: Cotton socks are comfortable and affordably priced. They are not suitable for sports because they hold moisture.
• Fleece: Fleece socks are warm and cuddly, but they can be uncomfortable during high-performance activities.
• Organic fabrics: Hemp, corn and bamboo have gained popularity as natural fabric sources.

Best Sports Socks

Choose socks made from lightweight fabrics that conform to your feet. Loose socks can cause friction that leads to blisters. Look for seamless toes that avoid chafing or friction in your toes. Some athletic socks come with extra padding, which can be useful for running and other high-intensity sports. Make sure the padding doesn’t make the socks too tight.

Best Socks for Winter Sports

Heat escapes through your feet, so outdoor activities require heavy-duty socks. These socks don’t have to be bulky, but they should offer serious protection. Look for waterproof socks in a blend of wool, polyester, nylon and spandex. Some have an added outer layer that repels wetness and cold. Polypropylene blends dry quickly, but they’re not as warm as wool blends.

Best Work Socks for Men

Head to the office in socks that keep your feet cool and comfortable all day. Choose slim, fitted styles in merino wool, acrylic or a synthetic blend. If your socks often slip down, choose an over-the-calf style that will stay up.

If your work requires you to spend time outdoors or wear work boots, choose socks in thick, warm materials. Targeted cushioning around the heel and reinforced soles will keep hardworking feet comfortable. The best fabrics blend polyester, cotton and spandex.

Best Work Socks for Women

Dress socks for women should be lightweight and thin enough to wear with your work shoes. Seamless toes and heels will prevent friction, and a silky fabric looks right for work. If you choose knee highs, make sure the elastic doesn’t bind. Roll-top styles may be more comfortable. Choose socks in merino wool, acrylic, nylon or a synthetic blend.

Women who work on their feet or outdoors should look for socks in thick, soft fabrics. Padded toes and heels protect your feet and keep them comfortable. A blend of cotton, polyester and spandex helps your feet stay dry and warm. If you work outdoors in cold weather, choose a wool and synthetic blend.

Best Socks for Cold Feet

Do you get cold feet just sitting at home? If you feel like you’re always fighting a draft, wrap your feet in warmth. Stay cozy in thermal socks that trap heat inside your feet without overheating them. You can also wear them with your outdoor boots.

Fleece socks are fuzzy and fun to wear. While they’re not the best choice for work or sports, they’re ideal for wearing at home or in bed. Choose thick socks in acrylic, polyester or an organic fabric. Fleece slipper socks will prevent slips on smooth flooring.

Keep Your Feet Happy

At Shuman Podiatry & Sports Medicine, we welcome feet in all types of socks. If you’re having foot troubles, make an appointment at our Loudoun County clinic today.

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