Tips on Toe Nail Care

18 Apr Tips on Toe Nail Care

Lost a Toenail?

Oh no! You lost a toenail. Don’t worry, it happens to a surprising number of people. Read on to learn more about it and remember, Shuman Podiatry is standing by to help you keep your toenails nice and strong so they stay where they belong.


What Causes Toenails to Fall Off?

Injuries. Intense or repeated hitting of the toe can result in bleeding under the toenail called subungual hematoma. Certain athletes are more likely to get this, for instance, soccer and football players who repeatedly jam their feet into balls and turf. An accident, a fall, or dropping something heavy on your foot can also cause this.

Ingrown Nail. This occurs when the toenail grows into the skin instead of growing over it. When the nail’s hard edge curves inward, it causes intense pain and often leads to complications that include swelling, infection and tissue damage. In some cases the only way to cure it is to remove the nail.

Consult Shuman Podiatry if you think you have an ingrown toenail, because letting it fester can lead to serious problems.

Fungal Nail. This is the most common cause of toenail loss. Onychoptosis is the medical term for nails that turn brittle and start crumbling, eventually disappearing completely.

In some cases, fungus on the nails has dug in so deep that the only recourse is to surgically remove the nail. It’s critical to follow your doctor’s recommendations so the new nail doesn’t grown in infected as well.


Foot Care Facts

How Long Will a Toenail Take to Grow Back?

Most toenails take from six months to a year to reach their full growth. If you’ve followed your foot doctor’s treatment recommendations, your new toenail will grow in stronger and healthier than the old one, and you’ll look and feel much better.

Can You Make It Grow Faster?

Nail growth is highly individual, but a little extra foot care will keep it healthy and encourage it to grow a little faster.

  • Eat a nutritious diet high in whole grains, fresh fruits and natural foods.
  • Introduce healthy fats into your diet to keep your nails supple.
  • Rub cuticle oil into your nails daily, to prevent cracking and drying.
  • Ask your podiatrist about “hair and nail” supplements.


Avoid Future Problems

Prevent Fungal Nail. Nail fungus is caused by a virus that thrives in warm, moist, dark environments, so avoid anything that keeps your feet damp for a long time. Wear loose-fitting socks and shoes, avoid walking barefoot in damp public areas like swimming pools, and get treatment as soon as you see the symptoms.

Shuman Podiatry can prescribe the most effective, quick-working options, from clear antiviral nail polishes to surgery. We’ll help you get rid of that ugly fungus once and for all.

Prevent Ingrown Nail. The main causes of ingrown nails are injury, wearing shoes and socks that are too tight, and improperly grooming your toenails. Always wear shoes, socks and hose that let your feet move naturally. Trim your toenails straight across, never at an angle, and don’t cut them too short.

To avoid serious complications, call a podiatrist as soon as you see any of these symptoms. Don’t try to cure an ingrown toenail yourself.

Shuman Podiatry can prescribe a regimen of treatments, home care and prevention techniques that will keep your feet from ever having to go through this again.


Fix it First

If you think you have any of these foot conditions, call Shuman Podiatry today so we can help you fix it before it becomes a major, toenail-losing situation.

If you’ve already lost a toenail, remember that your new nails will grow in strong and healthy, giving you and your feet a fresh new start.

Practice prevention and good home care. Get regular podiatrist appointments and don’t let foot problems spoil your fun. Call Shuman Podiatry today and be on the way to happier, healthier feet.

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