What are toe spreaders used for?

18 Aug What are toe spreaders used for?

Should You Jump on the Toe Spreader Craze?

If you think of toe spreaders, you’re probably thinking of the soft forms your pedicurist places between your toes before painting them. Sometimes called “yoga toes,” toe spreaders have sparked a craze among natural health enthusiasts in recent years. Toe spreaders are credited with healing a number of foot ailments. What’s the truth?

Benefits of Wearing Toe Spreaders

A lot of the hype is true. Toe spreaders help alleviate many foot and toe conditions. Compared to other treatments, they have several advantages.

  • They’re soft and comfortable.
  • You can use them as often as you want.
  • There are no side effects.
  • They may help you avoid surgery and other invasive procedures.
  • They’re affordable.

Get the Right Toe Spreaders

Don’t buy the inexpensive foam ones designed for pedicures. Ask your podiatrist for therapeutic toe spreaders made from silicone. The silicone makes them smooth and easy to wear. They’ll conform to the shape of your feet for a comfortable fit.

Relief for Runners

If you’re a runner, your toes regularly get a beating inside your running shoes. When you finish a run, give them a break with a toe spreader. This allows the tiny muscles and ligaments of your toes to stretch out. It also improves blood flow to your toes.

Try wearing the spreaders for 15 minutes after running. Work up to an hour. Move, wiggle and stretch your toes while you’re wearing them. You’ll start to notice a difference after just a few days.

In Your Shoes

You might even wear them while you’re running.

In an article in Running magazine, Toronto physiotherapist Lauren Roberts said she frequently recommends toe spreaders to her clients who are runners. She recommends wearing them with your running shoes.

“Many people with toe neuromas or degenerative changes to the foot or toes find that toe spacers can provide good relief, even while inside their shoes,” Roberts said. “As long as the spacer doesn’t negatively affect your foot strike biomechanics, it can be very useful to allow a wide and comfortable forefoot splay.”

Heal Plantar Fasciitis

Separating toes is essential to curing plantar fasciitis. The toe spreader keeps the toes safely stretched out. They also force your foot bones into the proper alignment that corrects this condition. Try wearing them inside your shoes as often as possible.

Ease Pain and Pressure

Toe spreaders help relieve the pain of many common foot ailments. The gentle separation means toes won’t be pressing against each other. Your toes will get a slight stretch that helps alleviate tightness.

Toe spreaders can relieve the pain of:

Stretch and Exercise Your Toes

Many foot problems include cramped, weak, and painful toes. Toe spreaders are an easy way to stretch your toes. Even if you don’t have a foot condition, wearing toe spreaders after a long day on your feet, exercising or wearing high heels can feel wonderful.

Improve Posture and Balance

Many massage and yoga enthusiasts have embraced toe spreaders as a way to improve posture, gait and balance. There is evidence to support this theory.

Talk to Us About Toe Spreaders

If you’re intrigued by toe spreaders, talk to Dr. Shuman about the right way to use them. Dr. Shuman can prescribe the right type, outline a plan and monitor your progress. Contact us for all your toe-related troubles.

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