Why Do Nike Shoes Run Small

12 Jul Why Do Nike Shoes Run Small

Do Nike Shoes Really Run Small?


But you already knew that. You want to know why don’t you?

Your favorite jeans fit you perfectly. But you spilled coffee all over them, & you’re traveling. You need to buy the first fitting pair of jeans you can get your hands on.

The hour’s pass. You’re desperate. You meet a shady jeans dealer in the alley behind your hotel. He sells you a pair of knockoff “Sevi” jeans. They’re your exact size. Perfect!

You put them on. They don’t fit. But why? They’re your size!

It all comes down to design. Art, even. Every brand has its own design touch that makes its products unique. If you’re like most people, that’s actually what makes you prefer one brand over another.

For many brands, this means making their products tighter or more narrow in certain areas.

Every body is unique, so some of these different designs might disagree with your form. Here’s where we get to Nike…

Footwear and Design Thinking

Nike is notorious for having a narrow design. For many people, this means needing to get a size 1-1.5 inches BIGGER than their normal size. It’s not necessarily “smaller”, just skinnier. But most people don’t have long, boney feet like characters in Medieval paintings. So, why would Nike do this?

It all comes down to brand reputation. That’s why Adidas has also been known to “run small”. These brands know that most people don’t think about how much toe room they need in their shoes. It’s more than many people think. So, to guarantee happy customers, Nike & other big brands make their shoes longer.

“But then it’s just tighter on the sides of your feet!”

Yeah…when you try them on at the store. Then you quickly catch on, go a size up, & they fit like a glove. A long glove with plenty of finger room. You go home with the perfect shoe, tell your friends, & Nike gets a loyal customer & free advertising!

Online Shoe Purchase and Size Challenges

The problem began to arise when online shopping blew up. People buy shoes without trying them & make the mistake of getting the size they normally wear. Then they wait days for shipping, all for it to be too tight.

This is inconvenient. But, you could also argue that, with modern returns being free & fast, it’s not a huge issue. Even then, most people will learn to always buy a size bigger when it comes to Nike. That’s why we are writing this article for you!

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