Why do warts come back?

06 Apr Why do warts come back?

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Are you having trouble with warts? Plantar warts, which show up on the soles of your feet, can cause pressure and make walking difficult. Most warts are not painful or dangerous. But they’re certainly ugly and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get rid of them.

What Causes Warts?

Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Not everyone who’s exposed to HPV develops warts.

You’re more at risk if you:

  • have a crack or a sore on your foot.
  • spend a lot of time barefoot in wet areas.
  • have had plantar warts before.
  • have a weakened immune system.


Why Do Warts Come Back?

It’s not easy to get rid of warts, as you know if you’ve tried home remedies or just waiting for the wart to go away. What’s even worse is that sometimes they leave and then return. Here’s why.

The wart is gone but the virus isn’t.

  • If you get rid of the wart but still have the virus, even if one wart goes away, the HPV can show up in a new one on another part of your body.
  • Sharing personal items like towels, toenail clippers or soap with somebody that has a wart.
  • Walking barefoot in warm, damp areas that are breeding grounds for HPV.
  • Biting your nails or cuticles, which can spread the virus to other parts of your body.


When Should You Seek Treatment?

Although you probably know a wart if you see one, it’s important to get a good diagnosis because many other foot conditions look like warts.

A podiatrist will have the latest, most accurate diagnostic tools and the most effective treatment options.

Call a doctor right away if you experience any of the following:

  • Pain or bleeding.
  • Change in the wart’s color, size or shape.
  • Diabetes or another condition that depresses your immune system.
  • Warts that spread or recur.
  • At-home treatment that didn’t work.


Dr Shuman CryoProbe Loudoun County wart removal

Treatments for Warts

You might get relief from over-the-counter treatments and do-it-yourself remedies like wrapping the wart in duct tape until it dissolves. But these methods can take a long time and won’t prevent the warts from returning. Dr. Shuman can examine your warts and prescribe the right treatments, which might be one or a mix of the following.

  • Salicylic acid: at prescription strength, this quickly dissolves the wart layer by layer.
  • Cryotherapy: the wart is shot with liquid nitrogen and falls off about a week later.
  • Bichloroacetic or trichloroacetic acid: applied to the wart once a week until it is gone.
  • HPV Vaccine: this can prevent recurring warts.


Professional Wart Removal

Shuman Podiatry & Sports Medicine will ensure that the treatment works with little to no side effects.  There’s no need to let warts ruin the way you feel about yourself or your ability to move freely. Call Shuman Podiatry today and give those ugly warts the boot.


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