About Dr. Shuman

Dr Joanna G Shuman DPM Loudoun County VA

About Dr. Joanna G. Shuman


Dr. Shuman is deeply rooted in the Northern Virginia community, having been born and raised here, and established her practice there to serve her community.


Dr. Shuman graduated from Lehigh University and with Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from Temple University’s School of Podiatric Medicine. She completed her residency at Northeastern Hospital in Philadelphia.


Since 2004, Dr. Shuman has been practicing Podiatry in Northern Virginia. For her, Loudoun County area is a podiatrist’s dream because it is awash with feet: Cute young feet, calloused athletic feet, tender elderly feet, every-day normal feet, feet needing help and everything in between. Whether you have two left feet or problem arches (or corny puns), Dr. Shuman will help you get on your feet again.


As a female practitioner, Dr. Shuman is highly accessible. Her office, where she brings personalized care to her patients, is filled with light and a keen understanding of the human spirit. She takes a conservative approach to feet, firmly believing that treatment is better than going straight to surgery. To Dr. Shuman, your feet are the platform upon which you live.


Dr. Shuman is there to help you and your feet go further.



  • Lehigh University, Bachelor of Arts, English Literature – www.lehigh.edu
  • Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine – podiatry.temple.edu
  • Residency at Northeastern Hospital, Philadelphia PA



  • American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) – www.apma.org
  • Virginia Podiatric Medical Association (VPMA) –  www.vpma.org
  • Associate: American Acadamy of Practice Management (AAPM) – www.aappm.org
  • Medical Society of Northern Virginia – www.msnva.org


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About: Dr. Shuman provides podiatry services from our offices in Sterling, Va.  Shuman Podiatry offers custom orthotics, diabetic foot care, heel pain and spurs, wart removal, and more.  Contact Dr. Shuman today for all your foot care needs.